The concept

From New York City to the entire planet...

From New York to Barcelona, from Saint Petersburg to Oslo, through the French Alps, you will inevitably recognize a place.
During my travels and over time, I have collected streetlamps, benches, signals, materials and, according to my inspiration, places and portraits.
These are the photos that make up my collections.
Each picture is available in the shop in two formats and as a postcard.

Less than 7 seconds

Less than 7 seconds - August Luis

Less than 7 seconds to take a picture, guarantees the spontaneity of the moment.
No staging or aesthetic preparation that flatters the eye's perception.
The canvas delivers the real atmosphere of the place without altering its naturalness.

        August Luis

Born in Lyon in 1963, I define myself as a "Collectographer", a term derived from the combination of "Collector and Photographer".
During my travels, I have built up a collection of photographs taken in less than 7 seconds.


Photos in high quality canvas printing.

High-resolution printing with odorless, solvent-free, UV-resistant HP inks. Canvas prints are perfectly safe for children's rooms and for allergy sufferers.
Canvas stretched by hand on a 2 cm thick solid spruce wood frame. The total weight remains light, to simplify hanging the photo canvas with one or two nails.

Free home delivery for metropolitan France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and with charges for Spain and Switzerland (other destinations, contact me).

TWO Formats available :
canvas 20 cm x 30 cm : 57,00 €
canvas 40 cm x 60 cm : € 93,00

You can also find the pictures on postcards.

postcard 10 cm x 15 cm : €9.00

Visit regularly the site because the collections are enriched every week...